Studio One Dance
38 Court St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2W8


dance dance

Ballet is known as the root of all dance.  Classes consist of barre work and centre practice providing dancers with strength, flexibility, endurance, poise and grace.  This extremely disciplined form of dance provides the foundation on which all other forms of dance are built.

Students are instructed using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and the British Association Teachers of Dance syllabus.  Exam and non-exam programs are available.

Dress Code: Ballet – Girls
Class attire for ballet girls consists of:

  • body suit
  • ballet pink tights
  • pink leather ballet shoes
  • hair tidy and pulled back in a bun
  • ballet skirts permitted at the discretion of the teacher

Dress Code: Ballet – Boys
Class attire for ballet boys consists of:

  • t-shirt
  • shorts or jazz pants
  • black ballet shoes


  • Costume orders are placed in early December for both competitive and recreational classes.  Costume deposits are required and must be paid in full prior to ordering.  Parents will be notified in November.  Costume deposits and fees are non-refundable.