Studio One Dance
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dance dance

Jazz is a high energy technical form of dance which takes a slightly different direction than ballet. Classes consist of a warm-up, full stretch, and across the floor movement and routines.  Jazz builds strength and style in a fast paced and high-powered atmosphere providing excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Students are instructed using the British Association Teachers of Dance syllabus.  Exam and non-exam programs are available.

Dress Code: Girls

  • body suit
  • beige tights
  • tan jazz shoes (** pink ballet slippers for Pre Primary jazz)
  • hair tidy and pulled off the face
  • jazz pants/shorts permitted at the discretion of the teacher

Dress Code: Boys

  • t-shirt
  • shorts or jazz pants
  • black jazz shoes (**black ballet slippers for Pre primary jazz)

While proper dance attire is always highly encouraged, a relaxed dress code will be accepted for all Online Classes. Street clothes are not permitted. Please note that Studio One Dance accepts gender-neutral dance attire. Hair must always be pulled securely away from the face and neck, and appropriate footwear must be worn for the class.