Studio One Dance
38 Court St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 2W8

Lyrical Jazz

dance dance

Lyrical jazz combines the grace of ballet, the expression of modern, and the musicality of jazz. This class consists of the warm-up of jazz, the technique of ballet, and the opportunity for students to express themselves openly without reservation. This theatrical form of dance is offered to competitive students ages eleven and older.

Dress Code: Girls

  • body suit
  • beige tights
  • tan lyrical shoes 
  • hair tidy and pulled off the face
  • jazz pants/shorts permitted at the discretion of the teacher

Dress Code: Boys

  • t-shirt
  • shorts or jazz pants
  • tan lyrical shoes 

While proper dance attire is always highly encouraged, a relaxed dress code will be accepted for all Online Classes. Street clothes are not permitted. Please note that Studio One Dance accepts gender-neutral dance attire. Hair must always be pulled securely away from the face and neck, and appropriate footwear must be worn for the class.