Kristina Catanzaro

Kristina’s love of dance started at the age of just 2 years old.  She studied in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, contemporary, musical theatre and hip hop.  While competing and performing in various events such as the Nordic Games, as well as working and performing with the Minnesota Ballet (The Nutcracker, Coppelia), have been great accomplishments in her dance life.

Kristina’s joy and passion has come from teaching.  Kristina has always loved dance, but is especially drawn to the technical aspect of the art.  The precision and the execution as well as the development and progression required to attain it.  This has led Kristina to progress successfully through multiple exams with the C.D.T.A. and the B A T D. most notably obtaining her Full Member Ballet and Associate Jazz teaching credentials with the later.  She is constantly expanding her knowledge base through workshops and courses with renowned experts in their field (teacher Level I with Lisa Howell) as well as vast self-learning.  

Kristina’s love of the science behind the workings of the world is also shown in her chosen path in school, leading her to acquire her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  But it was her love of children and the great pleasure of passing on her knowledge and enthusiasm of all things that led her to achieve her Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior division.  Kristina’s centre of interest on building a strong foundation and creating that spark that only one’s imagination and creativity can alight has led her to focus largely on creating and providing students with a complete and comprehensive program.  One that guides each student through the building blocks required to attain their goals through dance, be it to compete and perform, learn team building and the benefits of movement, or simply to enjoy the inspiration and expression of it all and become a more confident individual.